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The Stepping Ambassadors have been performing across North America entertaining their audiences with four genres of rhythmic, high-voltage traditional fiddle music - Irish, French-Canadian, Celtic, and Ottawa Valley.

The Ambassadors electrify the air with the combined melodious sounds of the fiddle, diatonic accordion, uilleann pipes, whistle, piano, flat top guitar, bodhran and wooden spoons. As an added bonus, four of the musicians, who are also professional stepdancers, explode on to the stage with the fast-paced, intricate footwork and hypnotic rhythm of traditional Canadian stepdancing.

Their lively non-stop programs consist of Irish jigs, Celtic hornpipes, French-Canadian reels, waltz clogs, two-steps, slipjigs and much more. The popular "Lumberjack" dance number includes 16-pound broadaxes, canthook and crosscut saw being kicked, twirled and driven into tree stumps by two of the dancers while the band plays a medley of toe-tapping, foot-stomping French-Canadian reels.

The Stepping Ambassadors perform every show with precision, flair and passion. Their music and dancing comes from their roots and from their hearts.


Carnival of Cultures Festival - Ottawa (twice); National Folk Festival - Bangor, Maine; Festival of the Maples - Perth, ON (4 times); Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame - Ottawa (twice); Festival du Folklore - Longueil, Quebec; "The Undiscovered Country" on CMT television hosted by "Leahy"; Lowell Folk Festival - Massachusetts; Gigue en Fete - Quebec; Almonte Celt Fest - Ontario (3 times); Goderich Celtic Roots Festival - Ontario (twice).


Terrilynn Mahusky                           - Fiddle/Stepdancer

Gaston Nolet                                    - Diatonic Accordion

Jeremy Keddy                                   - Uilleann Pipes/Whistle

Martine Billette                               - Keyboard/Stepdancer

Don McCurdy                                  - Wooden Spoons/Stepdancer

Paul Hawtin                                    - Acoustic Guitar

Gilles Roy                                        - Bodhran/Stepdancer