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Gilles Roy
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GILLES ROY -  owns and operates four dance studios, teaches at stepdance camps and festival workshops and performs around the world  -  agent, dance instructor, choreographer and principal dancer for the "Stepping Ambassadors".
GASTON NOLET - most renowned diatonic accordion player in Quebec - recorded 5 top-selling cd's - his playing is very dynamic, energetic and precise - June 2003 Gaston performed at 15th European Accordion Festival in Chartres, France - lives in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.
TERRILYNN MAHUSKY - champion fiddler and stepdancer - recorded 1st cd "A Touch of Tradition" in 2003 - finalist at Grand Masters Fiddle Championships in 2002 & 2003 and placed 8th in 2005 - demonstrates her "Ottawa Valley" stepdancing style in her solo spots - teaches fiddle and stepdance in Renfrew, Ontario.
DON McCURDY - student of Gilles' from 1971 to 1978 during which time he won numerous stepdance competitions - he appeared on the "Tommy Hunter Show" in 1978 - has been with the group since 1998 - lives in Richmond, Ontario.
MARTINE BILLETTE - one of the most respected Quebecois stepdancers - former member of  "Menage a Trois", "Manigance", and the "Pierre Schryer Band" - has toured Canada, U.S., England, Japan and France - great credentials as a piano player and is in high demand for both recording and performing engagements - graduated from University of Montreal with a Masters in Music Therapy.
JEREMY KEDDY - former member of Irish band "A Fig for a Kiss" - former head piper for the Irish dance show "Spirit of Ireland" - took pipe lessons in Toronto from Debbie Quigley and Joe Kennedy - performed with pipers Ronan Browne, Robbie Hannan and Cillian Valley - born in Nova Scotia and now living in Ottawa, Ontario.
PAUL HAWTIN - founding member of Vancouver folk-roots band "Cleia" - perform at folk festivals in Ottawa, Vancouver and Mission - featured musician on a number of independent recordings - he enjoys the freedom, equality and joy of informal session play and the enthusiasm and dedication it encourages.