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Gilles Roy
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"Ambassador" of "Traditional Canadian" Stepdancing


Gilles' goal was to create a stepdancing style that would reflect our "traditional" Canadian culture. He travelled throughout Quebec, Gaspe, Cape Breton and Ireland to see the stepdancing techniques and hear the music of these regions. For over three years, Gilles spent countless hours creating his own style of stepdancing which reflected the Celtic, French-Canadian and Irish dance styles. He called it "Traditional Canadian Stepdancing" - FROM OUR ROOTS.

3-time International stepdance champion

Inducted into Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame, Oct. 1/00 

International Tours - Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Venezuela, England with Tommy Hunter, Gordie Tapp, Graham Townsend, Al Cherny

Canadian Tours with Don Messer (9), Tommy Hunter, Faron Young, Les Danceurs Quebecois, Mac Wiseman, Grampa Jones, Ward Allan, Graham Townsend, Jean Carignan, and Philippe Bruneau

American Tours - Vermont, Massachusetts, Georgia, Washington D.C., Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Montana, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, through Canadian External Affairs

T.V. Shows - Juliet, Don Messer, Tommy Hunter, Country Hoedown, John Allan Cameron, Hee Haw, Sing Along Jubilee, Du Cote de Quebec, Good Morning America

Other Entertainers Gilles has worked with – Edith Butler, Winston (Scotty) Fitzgerald, Sylvia Tyson, Anne Murray, Jeanne d'Arc Charlebois

Dance Instructor for "Leahy" and "The Stepping Ambassadors".


Gilles Roy has been teaching "traditional Canadian" stepdancing since 1967 throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Click here to view The Gilles Roy School of Stepdancing Web Site.